What we do for our affiliates

Protect the license to operate for our associates through a triple agenda:                                                                                                                    




  • National Government (Department and Superintendence)
  • National Entities(ICA, DIAN, UGPP y ANI)
  • Army and Police forces (Highway Police y Narcotics)
  • National Assotiations (National interprofesional association, SAC, CECODES)

Regional and Local

  • Region Administrations and assemblies
  • Cities administrations and municipal councils (POT)
  • Autonomous Regional Corpotations (CAR, CORNARE, CARDER, Agrosavia)
  • Other relevant entities such as airports and roads operators.

Strengthen the local reputation of Colombian Floriculture

  • To promote the floriculture sector as the best place to work in Colombia’s agro sector. en el campo colombiano.
  • Develop and manage relevant content for floriculture workers with Floriapp, the first interactive tool of the agro sector in the country. Floriapp enables all the workers from all our associates to keep in touch with us and with all the relevant news and activities.
  • To promote the environmental agenda with our national and regional partners. It is essential for us to develop environmental best practices in every farm and floriculture actor. This way we can guarantee that our environment is protected in a common effort from all our partners.

Some outstanding achievements

Financing Law
We managed to keep our affiliation fees tax deductible and maintained the VAT tax devolution on a bimensual basis.

ICA Management

  • We stopped the approval of a new resolution establishing new requirements for the lilies bulbs exportation to the Netherlands. This resolution would have severely affected the Colombian sector.
  • We managed and agreement with the ICA to lessen the interceptions in Australia Exportations, in order to maintain the market access to this country.

Growing Colombian Flowers with Pride

Growing Colombian Flowers with pride (Cultivamos con Orgullo Flores de Colombia) is our proposal, supported by the talent, passion and commitment of the Flower growing companies with the weel-being of their workers, their families and the sustainable development of their communities. More than 50 companies are already a part of this initiative that goal is to show that floriculture is the best agricultural sector to work in Colombia.

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Florverde Sustainable Flowers

Florverde Sustainable Flowers counts on more than 20 years of experience in development, promotion and implementation of good practices for sustainable floriculture. Today, FSF is  a globally recognized independent social and environmental certification that benefits from the work of a dedicated team of experts at Asocolflores.

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Our programs

Petal Plan

The Petal Plan, created and executed by Asocolflores, is a security and logistic initiative designed to support the transport of Flowers at a national scale and prevent illicit practices (Robbery and contamination). This Plan is activated with the help of Colombian authorities.

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