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The best way to understand Colombia is through its diversity: the climates, the regions and the people who make Colombia the ideal place for such a great variety of flowers to grow.

Our diversity enables us to captivate the most demanding customers, and converts us into the most reliable source of flowers for all tastes, all year long. That’s why our flowers have connected people, illuminated homes, transformed places cheered up moments for more than 50 years.

Our diversity is so much more than a great variety of flowers. It’s the result of our commitment, care and dedication to do the things right. It’s also a symbol of progress and wellbeing for thousands of families. It’s our way to inspire the world.

Because behind every one of Colombian flowers, there is a unique power, the power of our diversity.

Flowers of Colombia

Our goal: to promote the Colombian origin as an aspirational one, achieving differentiation and value generation for the Colombian floriculture and its chain of value.

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