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We are a team of professionals, experts in working in a collaborative way to always offer new ideas and strategies to our associates.

Regional Office Director (West Center)

Lina María Mejía

Teléfono: +57 2579311
Ext: 0402

Business administrator from the Catholic University, Lina Maria is also a specialist in marketing from the EAFIT University, with an MBA in digital marketing from the Burgos University in Spain. Lina María worked in human ressources and customer service management in the private sector, before dedicating the last 10 years to the professional Unions management. She focuses now on improving strategies and projects of Asocolflores related to her region.

Regional Office Director (Antioquia)

Marcos Ossa

Teléfono: +57 2579311
Ext: 0301

Lawyer from the Sergio Arboleda University, and specialist in administrations from the Universidad de los Andres, Marcos Ossa also studied Logistics, inventories, supply networks in the Universidad de los Andes and Atlanta Latin American Logistic Center. Prior to Asocolflores, Marcos in several public institutions, as lawyer of the Colombian Ministry of Interior Office, adviser of the Colombian general comptroller office and general superintendent of Ports or  chief of coercive jurisdiction of the general comptroller office. His professional experience has made him an expert in building alliances, agreements and projects between public and private entities.

Florverde Sustainable Flowers & Environmental issues Director

Ximena Franco

Teléfono: +57 2579311
Ext: 0113

Industrial engineer from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Manizales), with a Master’s degree in environmental management for sustainable development from the Javeriana University, Ximena also studied management, climate change, social and environmental certifications or project management. With the Humboldt Institute, she led the information system covering Colombian biodiversity. She also took part of the Natura foundation and of the IDEAM (Environmental Technology and Science Office). At Asocolflores, Ximena leads the sustainability department and the internationally recognized Florverde Sustainable Flowers certification.

Social Responsibility Director

Katheryn Mejía

Teléfono: +57 2579311
Ext: 0156

Environmental engineer, specialist in audit and management systems, Katheryn also studied occupational health and safety, Human Ressources, Organization leadership and employer brand. For 17 years, Katheryn worked for the development of social and environmental project in the floriculture sector. She also worked as an auditor of international social responsibility codes in FSF, Walmart, McDonald’s, The Coca Cola Company or Disney. Katheryn also participated as a University teacher for several Colombian universities. With the help of the social responsibility team at Asocolflores, Katheryn develop several programs generating well- being for the workers and their families, as well as peace culture promotion initiatives.

Proflora and International Trade shows Director

Cristina Uricoechea

Teléfono: +57 2579311
Ext: 0153

As a publicist with a marketing emphasis from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Cristina worked in several communication campaigns in Caracol Radio and TMA travel agency. She worked independently to promote sell and promote various brands and products. Cristina started to work with Asocolflores for the first Proflora event, and then became its leader.Nowadays, Cristina leads all the international trade shows and showrooms with the logistic strategy to ensure the most effective promotion of Colombian Flowers around the world.

Economy and Logistic Director

Carolina Pantoja

Teléfono: +57 2579311
Ext: 0147

Economist and specialist in statistics from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Carolina has a Master’s degree in industrial engineering for the University of Los Andes and a MBA from the UWIC University in the UK. She worked in several public and private organizations such as Bavaria, FONADE, the Department of Technology and Information and ProExport (Procolombia). She also was a University teacher. During her carrier, Carolina worked on various aspects such as strategic planning, competitiveness, market studies, logistics and project management.

Ceniflores Director (Innovation Center for Colombia Floriculture)

Andrés Sáenz

Teléfono: +57 2579311
Ext: 0125

Microbiologist and biologist from Universidad de los Andes, Andrés has great experience in research and innovation for the horticultural, Fruits and ornamental cultures. With a passion for Nature and a strong belief in the application of ecosystems services into the agricultural sector. Andrés is a specialist in coco fiber substratum hydroponic culture integral pests and diseases control. Andrés has experience as a phytopathology laboratory investigator, developing pathogenicity tests in Damping-off causing mushrooms in the Netherlands. Andrés is regularly invited to share his knowledge in biological control, phytopathology and agricultural innovation in Colombian universities. One of Andrés main objective is to keep strengthening the Colombian floriculture sustainability.

Marketing & Communication Director

Eliana Alzate

Teléfono: +57 2579311
Ext: 0150

Social communicator with more than 15 years of experience in Marketing and Communication in multinationals such as Femsa, Belcorp and Unilever, Eliana worked in the US, Brazil, Peru and Colombia. She also has experience as brand and communication consultant and worked in a digital agency. Since 2017, Eliana leads Asocolflores communication and marketing strategy, developing cutting edge initiatives to position Colombian flowers and promote their consumption in their main markets. She also works in collaboration with other Asocolflores department to ensure that the organization purpose and values are diffused the right way. As an expert in Fashion and Luxury industries, Eliana has successfully incorporated these two sectors in many Asocolflores initiatives, reaching new targets with the Flowers of Colombia.

Finance & Administration Director

Claudia Castellanos Dimaté

Teléfono: +57 2579311
Ext: 0132

Economist from the Externado University of Colombia, Claudia worked in several public and private organizations, and among transformation teams of both private banking and real sector. She has worked with Asocolflores for 22 years, leading several initiatives that confirmed the inter-professionals association as a financially solid and rigorous entity. Among those milestones, Claudia worked on the birth of the Florverde program, the revocation of the dumping order, the creation of the Flower Promotion Organization and several initiatives of the Colombia Flower Council.

General secretary

Andrés Vernaza

Teléfono: +57 2579311
Ext: 0111

Es Lawyer, specialist in Administrations from the Pontifica Universidad Javeriana of Bogota, Andrés is also a taxation specialist from the University of Los Andes and has a Master’s degree in Applied Politic Studies (MEPA) from the Ortega y Gasset Madrid Institute as a young Latin- American Politic Leader scholarship recipient from the Spanish Government (FIIAPP). Andrés worked as a commercial law university teacher, and Public Right speaker in several events. He worked in both Political and Fiduciary sectors, and also was legal adviser for private organizations and individuals.

Executive President

Augusto Solano Mejía

Industrial Engineer from the University de Los Andes with an MBA from Wharton, Augusto worked with Riopaila S.A, Banco de Bogotá Trust Company in New York, the Colombian Department of Economic Development, Corporación financiera del Valle and Carvajal S.A. As President of Asocolflores, Augusto leads the strengthening of Colombian Floriculture competitiveness, in the frame of sustainable development with social responsibility. Augusto is also part of the board of the National Union Council, SAC Colombian Farmers Society, CECODES Business Council for Sustainable Development, Porvenir, ICESI University, Union Fleurs (Brussels) and the FSI Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (Amsterdam).

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