News December 19, 2017

Bold debut for Flowers of Colombia


It’s bold, it’s bright, it’s dramatic and it’s strong.  In fact, the new logo for Flowers by Colombia is just like the flowers it represents; bigger, brighter and stronger and exactly what the new campaign for flowers from Colombia is all about.

Launched at Proflora after several months of development, the new brand will be used to position Colombian flowers throughout the world and used in all promotions to ensure brand recognition is as strong as possible.

The brand is also totally modern which, in a world of new buyers be they consumers or florists, is vital as Augusto Solano explained.  “This is a brand which will allow us to target younger buyers.  We have a strong base of core customers who know all about our reliability and quality and we must always nurture and maintain those incredibly strong ties. However, we need to make sure we appeal to new buyers as well and that means having the right image.  One that shows we are strong and vibrant, diverse enough to move with the times; be it through new varieties or supply techniques and totally on-trend.”

The strap line, Diversity that Inspires, is based on the fact that not only does Colombia as a country have the biggest bio diversity in the world but as a supplier to the flower industry we make over 1400 different varieties available every year; one of the largest in the world and in terms of quality acknowledge as one of the best. 



Used across the social media world the Flowers of Colombia brand has already reached hundreds of thousands of buyers and on target to reach many more over the coming months as the PR and marketing strategy continues thanks to funding from the Ministry of Agriculture.

To get involved and help develop the brand make sure you add #FlowersofColombia to all your postings and use the logo on your own websites and social media channels to show you are part of the movement.

Brand launch video


Our logo inspiration