News December 19, 2017

Pink love in Japan


Pink is always a top seller but in Japan November 22nd sees pink take on a whole new meaning as they celebrate II FUFU-NO-HI, otherwise known Happily Married Day.  Started nearly 30 years ago by the Japanese government to celebrate and encourage marriage the day uses flowers to recognise and appreciate the love of a couple. 

Four years ago growers, producers and Asocolflores decided to work with the project which now forms a major part of our promotional activity in the country and so Flowers of Colombia were very much in evidence on this special day. 

Basing our activities in Osaka and Tokyo, more than 100 florist shops were visited by our team to encourage them to ‘think Colombian pink’ when buying their stock.  In addition, and with the help of ProColombia and the Ambassador, we held a special dinner at the Colombian Embassy where business leaders met growers and representatives from the flower sector to consolidate on the long term relationships we already enjoy with Japan and define forward plans to promote the increased consumption of Colombia flowers.

On the consumer side not only did we hold a series of flower shoots in the Shizioka region and Oasaka subway but also gave away over 5000 flowers to people to give to their partners to celebrate the special day.  In addition, we made a special award to a couple we felt best celebrated the meaning of II FUFU-NO-HI, Maomi Yukia famous Japanese entertainer who married 4 years ago and is admired for her beliefs in the values and traditions of marriage.

Commenting on her award Maomi, who received a bouquet of 99 Colombian flowers, told her fan base “I am thrilled by this type of event where there are so many flowers, they fill me with happiness because they transmit energy, life, power and joy and that’s why it is so important for me to always be surrounded by flowers.”

A view shared by Alejandro Posada, Plenipotentiary Minister at the Embassy of Colombia in Japan who told us “Events like II FUFU-NO-HI are great way to promote the value of flowers and a natural event for Colombia to get involved in.”.

Korean showroom success

Asocolflores continued its Asian tour when we travelled from Japan to South Korea with 17 growers and 8 companies from the flower industry.

With the announcement of a Free Trade Agreement its clear that Korea represents a major potential market for Colombian growers and one we want to explore to the full. 

Based in Seoul, showroom, which was assisted by the Colombian Government, Embassy of Colombia, and Procolombia, not only showcased the diversity and quality of our flowers but gave supplies and buyers the opportunity to explore new opportunities.