News December 19, 2017

Colombia on film … J takes to the Sabana


He’s one of the most admired florists in the USA and with his own on line TV channel has thousands of followers.  Who better to host a dedicated TV show about the Colombian flower industry than J Shwanke who’s new 12-part documentary Flowers of Colombia launched last month, with episode 2 going live this week.

For J it is a dream come true.  Because, as he explained, his first visit to Proflora back in 2015 was a life changing experience! “Seeing first-hand the passionate people, millions of flowers and amazing social programs…it was an opportunity of a lifetime and all I could think about was sharing this experience with my flower loving friends and followers. There is a story behind every flower, no matter where it comes from. The stories behind the flowers are just as beautiful as the flowers themselves.”

Fast forward to October 2017and J and his crew arrive in Colombia to capture the very best the country has to offer and interview many of the key people in the sector as well as it’s supporters from around the globe.  In Episode one he previews the industry, in Episode 2 he looks at the diversity of the product range.  Make sure you sign up and see just how J is showcasing the Power of Flowers. Visit and see who you can spot on camera.