Information for Action and Making Decisions

Information for Action and Making Decisions

What we do for our associates?

  • Collect, monitor and analyse quantitative and qualitative information from different sources to review their impact on the sector.
  • Generate information products of great value to make easier for our associates to make decisions.
  • Offer tools and networking spaces for associates and experts, with the aim of improving the knowledge of the affiliated companies.

Asocoflores is value

  • Customer Information Exchange Programs (PIIC).
  • Partnership with products and services suppliers with special benefits and discounts
    • Hertz
    • Assit Card
    • Carvajal Tecnología – Electronic billing
    • AgroCheck
  • Embassies certifications to ease visa request proceses for business
  • Godfather on site program (PES)

Some remarkable achievements

  • We generated more than 140 Statistical Newsletters with information and analysis of national and international markets.
  • Coordination and optimization of all the logistic operations with airports administrations and authorities.
  • On a monthly basis, we share all the legal requirements and questions to labor and legal issues emitted by our members. We manage to prevent lawsuits thanks to our alliance with the law firm German Plazas y Asociados.


  • Local flower market newsletter (exports by sea and air, production, etc.)
    • Global flower market newsletter (economical, trends, rules, etc.)
    • PIF (Integrated Training Program)
    • Customer Information Exchange Programs (PIIC).
    • Labor FAQ.
    • Guide for social and environmental best practices.
    • Sustainability indicators
    • Social and environmental balance
    • Sustainability summary for managers
    • Investigation results summary
    • Cenimail / Asocolmail/ News from Asocolflores President
    • Technical and social newsletter for West Center Region

Information: Economy and Logistics

At Asocolflores, we continuously share relevant information and analysis of all market variables affecting our sector. Economy, logistics, international markets are just some of the topics covered to give our associates the capacity to make better decisions.

Information: Environment

Our affiliates have access to a great variety of information products related to environmental issues. With these tools, each company is able to monitor all the data necessary to evaluate their environmental impact and fulfillment of local rules through a serie of indicators and sector overviews.

Information: social

With the double purpose of helping building sustainability in Colombian Floriculture, and helping associated companies apply Colombian social rules. Data bank, lawyer firm available for Q&A’s and e-trainings are some of the activities frequently programmed.

Information: technical

Ceniflores developed several phytosanitary trainings such as Chemical control, pests control, soil and biological control in cut flowers crops. With the help of the ICA and DIAN, trainings about exportation processes have been made.

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