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Colombian association of flowers exporters, created in 1973 to represent, promote and strengthen the competitiveness of Colombian floriculture in Colombia and its main markets.

Asocolflores headquarters are located in Bogota, with regional offices in Antioquia (Rionegro) and West Center (Pereira) regions.

As a representative of the Colombian flower grower and exporter, ASOCOLFLORES is constantly active on both local and international markets: in Colombia by being part of the main private and public inter-professional associations, and worldwide as a member of the main floriculture organizations. In both, ASOCOLFLORES always promotes the competitiveness of Colombian flowers in international markets.

For more than 50 years, Colombia is the Latin American country offering the greatest variety of flowers for export. In addition to its strategic geographical position, it relies on a very strong  and consolidated core of business core of growers, suppliers, and facilities. ASOCOLFLORES commitment is to highlight all these qualities and to share with the world the Colombian philosophy of sustainable floriculture.

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The national and international market presents great demand for tropical flowers and foliage and the regional one has …

How we support our affiliates

Our affiliates are our reason for being. That’s why we work for them through 5 pillars framing our value proposition. These pillars enable us to be closer in order to reach better results in our sector.

Defense and representation

To represent and defend the interests of Colombian floriculture inside and outside of Colombian.

Information for action and decision making

To give our associates data, facts, figures and trends to understand the local and global economic, logistic, social and environmental context they work in.


To boost the economic, social and environmental positive impact of Floriculture as management and company culture tool.


To develop new strategies and processes that strengthen competitiveness, thanks to knowledge generation.


To position Colombian flowers with promotion, awareness and communication strategies that support all our associates.

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We are a team of expert professionals who work collaboratively and purposefully for you.

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