Ceniflores continues to innovate in floriculture

Ceniflores continues to innovate in floriculture

CENIFLORES, the Center for Innovation in Colombian Floriculture, concluded its Lab i Bootcamp, 2020. As described in past bulletins, the Bootcamp provided a virtual space for sector authorities and experts to resolve the most pressing problems currently facing the Colombian flower industry.

The Bootcamp produced various commitments intended to benefit Colombian floriculture, all geared toward achieving the sustainable development goals of Agenda 2030, as signed by Asocolflores and the government.

In environmental terms, the conversation focused on the sustainable use of plant varieties native to Colombia; the collection of data related to climate and plant infections/infestations; and other aspects that flower producers need to integrate into their operations to address challenges related to climate change.

From a social standpoint, participants committed to helping those involved in the floriculture and their families further their education and professional development.

Finally, from an economic standpoint, participants discussed how to leverage existing channels of sale to increase sales overall, always taking into account the consumption habits of clients.

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