Colombian flowers are ready for the All Saints’ Day celebration

Colombian flowers are ready for the All Saints’ Day celebration

All Saints’ Day has become the most important celebration of the calendar year’s second half. Its religious significance has made it a day of celebration not only in Spain but in a number of European countries, including the Netherlands and Italy.

Air travel has been key in getting the floriculture sector ready for this special day. As Augusto Solano, president of Asocolflores explains, “ordinarily, we export 50% of our flowers on commercial passenger planes; the rest go on cargo planes. As commercial flights have re-started, things have begun to improve from a logistics perspective.”

At the same time, the shipping of flowers by sea—rare prior to the pandemic—has increased and become increasingly important. For example, some of the most sought-after flowers for this celebration, carnations, are traveling by sea, along with alstroemerias.

Buyers making purchases in advance has also enabled flower growers to prepare for the high demand surrounding All Saints’ Day–another key to keeping flower exports healthy during this period.

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