Colombian flowers bid farewell to “La Bachué” on its way to an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London

Colombian flowers bid farewell to “La Bachué” on its way to an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London

Asocolflores decorated with flowers the departure to Europe of the work of art by Carlos Salas, one of the major exponents of the local plastic arts.

Bogotá. 2 July, 2021.

“Art and culture are fundamental elements of social and economic development around the world. Consequently, we decided to decorate with the emotional power of Colombian flowers, the farewell ceremony, on its way to Europe, of one of the most significant sculptures paying tribute to the creation myth of the muisca people”, declared Augusto Solano, President of Asocolflores.

It was a brief ceremony hosted at the residence of Colin Martin-Reynolds, ambassador of the United Kingdom in Colombia. The diplomat welcomed master Salas to his country and stated that “it will be an honour to greet LA BACHUÉ”.

“La Bachué”, by Salas, is based on the original granite sculpture by Rómulo Rozo which came from Czechoslovakia almost one century ago and which influenced a whole new generation of artists, historically known as the “Bachués”. Bachué has been a flagship in our country and now Asocolflores wants to celebrate the Europe tour”, added Solano.

“Our flowers, as well as our roots and artistic representations are all a matter of national pride; they portray our positive image abroad. We hope that the journey which artist Carlos Salas is undertaking, in the midst of hardship times for humanity, will reiterate that art is the human expression which ties countries together”, Solano concluded.

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