Economy and Logistics

Economy and Logistics

Economics and Logistics Directorate, this Directorate offers, in a timely manner, information and analysis of the economic, logistics and foreign trade environment to our affiliates, which serves as a tool for making better decisions for their deal.

Additionally, we work to improve the competitiveness of our affiliates and the sector, hand in hand with entities of great importance in economic and logistics aspects, in everything related to our sector. Everything we do is focused on the purpose of Asocolflores.

What do we do for you?

– Generate information as a tool for decision making.

– Promote tax incentives for environmental actions.

– Develop and socialize market and value studies for sustainable flowers.

– Generate alliances that allow to optimize the operation of the floriculture sector, through agreements for the optimization of costs in an associative way.

– Ensure the optimization of export logistics processes.

– Offer events and training spaces on the economic situation and perspectives and improvements in logistics processes.

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