Flowers of Colombia by Asocolflores contributes to exhibits in Flower Fair

Flowers of Colombia by Asocolflores contributes to exhibits in Flower Fair

Asocolflores and its associates contributed 150,000 flowers to the various events that make up the traditional Flower Fair and Silleteros Parade in Medellín, Colombia, which highlight the creativity and design of flower «silletas», as the floral works of art participants create are called.

Despite the challenging circumstances, this activity—which is part of Colombia’s cultural heritage—will take place with limited in-person participation.

“Asocolflores has supported these events for more than 20 years with approximately 650,000 flowers, usually in the month of August. However, this year’s events have been postponed until November due to the pandemic, our contribution is smaller; our priority at the moment is Thanksgiving. Nonetheless, we will celebrate this marvelous festival from a safe distance,” affirmed Augusto Solano.

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