At Asocolflores, we streng then sustainable floriculture in Colombia so that our flowers generate well-being and inspiring experiences.

Thanksgiving is one of the United States’ most important holidays, and one which will be particularly emotional this year due to the need to maintain physical distance from loved ones. Flowers are one way to reduce this distance, since they create a sense of closeness and positive emotions in those who receive them. They are the perfect way to convey our affection to others. Pre-Thanksgiving flower exports have been robust, thanks to the government’s transport support and the steps the…

Asocolflores gives Antioquia and Bogotá “1,400 reasons to smile” On October 22, the association handed thousands of passers-by two bouquets—one to keep, and one to give as a gift, sparking the emotions that giving and receiving flowers brings. Bogotá. October 27, 2020. As Asocolflores President Augusto Solano puts it, “Many studies demonstrate that the “Duchene” or genuine smile always appears in those who receive flowers. Colombia exports 1,400 species to different countries. Now, we want to share them with our…

How we support our affliates

Our affiliates are our reason for being. That’s why we work for them through 5 pillars framing our value proposition. These pillars enable us to be closer in order to reach better results in our sector.

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